Out Of The Abyss XXII

The 22nd episode of Out Of The Abyss ended with us inside the city of Blingdenstone.

Worth at least 5000gp

Worth at least 5000gp

The tests of Plates, Cups and Forks

Tredrea approaches the defeated Cave Badger, which lies barely breathing on the smooth stone floor. “The Bitch Queen has not called you yet” he says, kneeling to tend to the animal’s wounds and restore it to consciousness. “I will never understand you” says Salazar.


“This diamond will channel the power of my goddess, and thus restore to life any that have fallen in her service” announces Tredrea. Hjulnik mutters to himself. “Giving away all my gold and gems…surely that is service enough?”


“Gelatinous cubes are upon us!” cries the startled residents of Blingdenstone, reaching for weapons of war and sounding bells of alarm. “I’m not surprised” says Hjulnik. “I never am.”

DM/Designer Notes

I am enjoying exploring The Underdark. There are numerous areas, and each are distinct and interesting. Blingdenstone is described as a bright place, which is suitable for a human character with no dark vision…

In general I find the aspect of darkvision one of the more interesting or annoying parts of D&D5E. On one had, it seems like a cool and appropriate thing for some races to be able to see in the dark like Predator. But, due to the fact that almost all player-races except humans and maybe dragonborn have it, it feels like not having darkvision is a hindrance than having it is a benefit. I like the idea of limited infra vision, something of an activated power for some races except those that really do live in total darkness. Why do surface elves even have dark vision???