Out Of The Abyss XXI

The 21st episode of Out Of The Abyss ended with us trapped inside a trap-filled corridor.

Do you run away?

Do you run away?

There must be something valuable at the end of this trap-filled corridor

“Come closer child of fire, and let the power of the Wavemother heal thy wounds.” Tredrea slowly traces the words carved into the ancient stone tablet. Although he cannot read, even in his own language, he knows deeply that there is magic here that can restore Gadreel, the mysterious tiefling ranger of the Underdark, from her grievous wounds suffered at the hands of demons.


The spectral deep gnome approaches Lyssiwick,intoning a warning in a ghastly, ghostly timbre. “You should not be here. Flee!” Moving forward into Lyssiwick, it possesses her body and momentarily dislodges her life-force. “Out, out! Foul spawn of undeath, get thee gone in the name of the Bitch Queen!” cries Tredrea, brandishing his holy symbol of Umberlee with righteous fervour. Lyssiwick reaches deep inside and goes to her Happy Gnome Place - the place where an imminent Fireball will solve all her problems.

Hjilnik the dwarf bursts into the corridor, his eyes gleaming as brightly as his many daggers. “Can’t… stop… rune… scary.” He bolts past Salazar straight into the corridor full of crushing pillars he only recently expertly navigated. “Time for a song” says Salazar.

DM/Designer Notes

The theme today was traps. Traps, and PC incompetence. We learned a few hard, but good lessons;

  • Don’t all gather around dangerous schools that can can explode if something goes wrong
  • Don’t take excessive long rests in the Underdark, such behaviour may prompt additional oozes
  • Don’t split up in a maze of deadly traps

The session was very fun and challenging, with a couple of near misses. I thought the traps were a lot of fun, requiring some thought to get around. Made me want to run Tomb Of Annihilation soon.