Out Of The Abyss XX

The 20th episode of Out Of The Abyss ended with us outside the gates to a strange underground city, home to the mysterious Deep Gnomes…

Blingdenstone (art by BryanSyme on DeviantArt).

Blingdenstone (art by BryanSyme on DeviantArt).

Salazar’s Fungal Grotto Of Delights Vampiric Death

“I proclaim this island in the name of Basidia and our Myconid friends”, proclaims Salazar The Bard, his words echoing musically through the caverns that envelope the tributaries that feed Darklake. “What about the devilfish?” asks Elsie. “What devilf-”
A loud splash and oaths to the Wavemother signals the arrival of the devilfish, surrounding Tredrea who stands on the waters a few feet ahead of Michelle, the dwarven tank that houses most of the group.
Salazar sings a lullaby he learned in a house of ill-repute in Waterdeep and the abhorent creatures are slowed.

Malus Jaxley leans into the water and grapples a devilfish, hoisting it to the stony surface of the island where it flaps and spits. He feels its teeth sink into his flesh and drain his lifeforce, but this wound is nothing compared to the psychological wound he sustained earlier when his heads melded together.

Lyssiwick flexes her right hand, and then again, and then again. Much more agreeable than storing it in oil, she thinks. “Aarararrgh” screams Tredrea, running from two of the aquatic trolls and casting a blessing from the Bitch Queen to stay alive for just a few more moments.
Lyssiwick mutters a few words of power and with a flourish sends forth a ball of flame that envelopes her foes, yet is carefully scuplted to leave her companions unharmed. There is a hiss and the flaming bodies sink into the water and all that remains is the smell of burnt troll-flesh as Salazar gently hums a victory song.

DM/Designer Notes

There was more melding in this session which means more crazy dreams. The madness levels are rising as well. It makes for a challenging game both for DM and players, but it is a cool theme.

Tredrea currently has the following madness effects;
- Flies into a rage when he doesn’t get what he wants. I tested this a couple of times by wasting Thunderwave spells. - Sometimes forgets things.

I’m useing a sixe sides dice to give 50% odds on either of those two effects triggering under certai n circumstances.

There is ration tracking and an element of exploration in this adventure as well. We ‘solved’ this temporarily by sacrificing Tredrea’s trident to Umberlee so at last his Conjure Food And Water spell works. For now…