Out Of The Abyss XIX

I am lucky to play in an excellent face-to-face campaign run by Edward from the London Dungeons and Dragons Meetup.

There have been 18 sessions so far, following the Out Of The Abyss campaign for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Edward keeps great notes and so do some of the players, so I will add elements of these in future.

For now, prepare to hear a few dread tales of The Underdark as experienced from the viewpoint of Tredrea Meksoith, Pirate King Of Darklake and True Servant Of The Bitch Queen…

Minor spoilers ahead

Basidia, Soverign Of Neverlight Grove. Definitely trustworthy. (Official Art)

Basidia, Soverign Of Neverlight Grove. Definitely trustworthy. (Official Art)

The Wavemother Favours Those Who Use Rope

An underground classroom, similar to those seen in the fancier parts of Luskan, but here the tables and chairs are even smaller than they should be. Tredrea hulks over his desk and frowns at the quill and parchment before him. Something is wrong. He can actually read the words. “What sorcery is this!” he mutters, and means to stand up, yet some force compels him to stay. It is the force of expectation and embarrassment. Around him are young gnomish mostly pay attention to their work, but a few are regarding him quizzically, a cruel laugh poised in their mouths, waiting for any sign of discomfort to be shown. At home, Tredrea’s parents wait expectantly for good results from this important test…and he wakes inside a magical contraption. What mysterious powers visited him last night?

The tower is surrounded by what at first glance appear to be the shuffling dead. These are not the reanimations of foul necromancy though. Mushroom fibres grow and contract to move the bones. “Their cycle had ended, and now it begins again.” The neutral tones of the myconid fill Tredrea’s mind.

A grove of mushrooms shrouded in mist houses a macabre tableau such as Tredrea has never witnessed. Bodies of men, dwarves and elves are buried up to their necks, covered in spores, with fungal growths sucking their blood as if it where water. These unfortunate souls beg for a swift death and the party obliges before a great abomination manifests before them… Estabrook, Chosen Of The Queen consumes the dead to regenerate its power and but for the will of Umberlee and the blades of The Travelling Party Of Salazar, it would surely terrorise and destroy the peaceful myconids of the Neverlight Grove.

DM/Designer Notes

I enjoyed the beginning of the session where each character received a dream which was a representation of another character’s past. This was fun enough, but was made even better when the DM asked us players to then describe another dream for our companions.

The madness aspect in this campaign is fun as well. After spending time near the Spawning Pool, each character had a chance of gaining new madness traits. Tredrea adds memory loss to his rages. These will surely provide some interesting roleplaying in future sessions.