Dawn Of Worlds

At the London Indie RPG Meetup we played Dawn Of Worlds; a collaborative game where the players co-create an epic fantasy world. It was an interesting, fun, somewhat hilarious experience, here is the result…

An un-named world of extreme adventure.

An un-named world of extreme adventure.

Mighty events that shaped our world

From the jagged-toothed maw of un-knowable depths, a pillar of Eternal Flame rises!

A great serpent is seen moving through the whirlpool ridden seas, thirsting for the riches of the deeps!

Iak emerges, a blind dog that spreads death in his wake!

Thock-ta, bird-priest of the mountains sows discontent throughout the realm!

Salamanders learn the skills of Fire Art and then Fire Magic, lead by the great Dagon Fire-Eater whose destiny is to consume the Eternal Flame of the Shadow People!

Goat-People form a Holy Order Of Two Legs and in retaliation, the People-Goats form the Quadruped Military Alliance!

DM/Designer Notes

This game felt like an analog combination of three good games; SimEarth, Warlords and Civilisation.

The game would be perfect as a session zero for a truly dedicated gaming group that wanted to co-create a world to then go and adventure in. I’d suggest a few ways to reduce the scope from ‘anything you can imagine’ to maybe a set of pre-defined choices, similar to the Fiasco sets.

Our group was a group of strangers, united by a love of lesser-known RPGs, and I thought we found a good groove and created an interesting and fun experience. One thing we agreed might be a good thing for next time would be a rotating first player and a kind of soft rule where each subsequent player needs to bounce off the initial players idea. I thought we were good at bouncing off each other but a tighter frame may have promoted even more convoluted conflicts and resolutions.

The game experience also might have been improved with some better paper and pencils, or even a whiteboard - big thanks to Robert who was the best organised and able to provide what we needed.